Music score

New clarinet player Patricia tells us what she likes about band

Hi I’m Patricia. I joined band at Easter time playing 3rd clarinet and am thoroughly enjoying it. I tried five...

Janet clarinet player

Meet Janet, our very first adult band member

Janet on 2nd clarinet tells us how the band has evolved from her very first day in 1990 to now....

BADCB's deputy condutor

Meet our deputy conductor, Emma

Hi there! I’m Emma and I’m BADCB’s deputy conductor. So how did I end up with this role? After all...

Band conductor

A spotlight on a piece called Kamarinskaya by Glinka

For our Spring Strictly Come Celebrate concert in March we’ll be playing a selection of dance music. One of the pieces...

Band members on the coach

Playing in the National Concert Band Festival

So, after weeks of rehearsing, mastering difficult rhythms and getting tricky passages under our fingers, BADCB headed off to take...

Santas playing Christmas carols on stage

Busking for Bournemouth Hospital Charity

On Sunday 3 December, our band members started arriving at Castlepoint Shopping Park… By 10am, 16 of us were dressed...

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