New clarinet player Patricia tells us what she likes about band

Hi I’m Patricia.

I joined band at Easter time playing 3rd clarinet and am thoroughly enjoying it. I tried five years ago but it was WAY beyond my ability.

I’m a real oldie and only started playing in my fifties so I make slow but steady progress. The squiggles on the page are beginning to make sense to me so long as they are not demi-semi things.

What I love about band is the friendliness and amazing musical talent of all the members.

I sit in wonder when Dimitri conducts. He is so brilliant but he also has such a good giggle when things go wrong.

When Emma, our Deputy Conductor, stands in as conductor that’s great too. She has a different style and tries hard not to dance too much when waving the stick!

Nick our section leader is fantastic and makes us all feel really included, encouraged and welcome.

It’s a great band. Thanks for letting me join.


By Patricia on clarinet