When we went on tour to Wales

We visited the Aber Valley Male Voice Choir in Wales on 13-14 October and it was brilliant! Piccolo player Anna-Marie tells us more…

A jolly journey up

It all started late on Friday afternoon… with the majority of us frantically finishing work racing against time to arrive at our meeting points. By around 6pm we were all finally on the coach and ready to complete our onward journey to Wales. With Pimms, Prosecco, Haribo, and of course Nick’s gorilla slippers on board, it was a journey of fun, laughter and creature comforts!

Arrival at the hotel

Two women in hotel

Our piccolo players checking out the hotel

We finally arrived in Wales and after checking into our rooms – some of us more thoroughly than others with Kerry on piccolo getting stuck in between the beds (to think she hadn’t even been drinking on the coach!) – it was down to the bar to continue the drinking shenanigans!

Saturday activities in Cardiff

The band decided to get involved in a variety of activities during the day before our concert. We went exploring on the hop-on hop-off bus tour, visiting Cardiff Castle and for the very brave, white water rafting where poor Louise on flute and Rob on trumpet struggled to stay above water at the back! I, not a fan of the rain and cold, decided to stay at the hotel with my partner-in-crime to enjoy a bit of retail therapy at the spa buying lots of new products!

After a fun-packed day, a bite to eat and a quick change, we were ready to board the coach to our first concert venue.

Our concert with the Aber Valley Male Voice Choir

Band and choir performing together

BDCB and the Aber Valley Male Voice Choir performing together

In the almost 19 years I’ve been a BABCB member, I can honestly say I’ve never felt such excitement and passion across the band whilst playing. We had such a great welcome and our new conductor Simon really did an amazing job with us after just six weeks of practise. I don’t think we will ever forget the standing ovation after the Tom Jones number. Fabulous atmosphere!

Once the concert had ended the night didn’t stop there. We stayed at the venue and joined the choir for their ‘afterglow’ of more singing, drinking and even dancing from some of the clarinets!

On such a high, we continued our own ‘afterglow’ on the coach journey back to the hotel; definitely not as in tune as the choir, however it was great fun!

Then it was bed for some, but back to the hotel bar for the majority. There were some heavy heads in the morning and stories to tell, in particular of how Steve on Baritone Sax just about made it back to his room after getting lost!

Caerphilly Castle Concert

Caerphilly Castle in Wales

Caerphilly Castle in Wales

On the Sunday we were ready for our second concert. A short walk across the draw bridge in somewhat windy weather with all of our instruments, we finally made it to Caerphilly Castle. It was such a beautiful historic building, and with some familiar faces from the Aber Valley Male Voice Choir in the audience, it was a great experience.

After a spot of lunch it was time to head home. The tour was such a great experience to be a part of, with the opportunity to bond with members of the band from different sections and new players to get to know and make friends with.

Aber Valley Male Voice Choir – we hope to play with you again soon!

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By Anna-Marie on piccolo