Taskmaster chaos: potato sculptures, toilet roll towers and stuffing pyjama bottoms

After a variety of entertaining Thursday evenings including Kahoot, general knowledge, a fiendishly tricky bridge quiz, cooking and much more, we decided to recreate Taskmaster on Zoom… with our supreme leader Nick as Taskmaster and SJ and I as “Little Alex Horne”.

Band members showing tall toilet roll towers

Kirsten and Andrew building the tallest towers of toilet roll

We pulled our collective lockdown brains together to come up with a variety of tasks which would challenge, be logistically realistic but also FUN! Our chosen week was the day before the long weekend which put a slight damper on the attendees so we messed up the teams, started with some warm-up chat and then got crackin’!

Badges, toilet roll towers and potato sculptures

First up we had the teams go into their breakout rooms. They created an “I love Nick” badge, got ready to balance the biggest item on their head, build the tallest toilet roll tower and make a potato look like a celebrity!

As the games commenced we had some pretty random quotes floating about! “It’s all about the length not the girth!” “Watch out – there’s a timber of toilet rolls!”

We managed to recognise Elton John in potato form but failed on Alan Carr! (Sorry Naomi – the best potato teeth I have ever seen!).

Emma managed to show us her core strength balancing a suitcase on her head!

Chopsticks, obscure fruit and veg and pyjama bottoms

The second round of fun had the teams moving rice between bowls with only chopsticks, listing obscure fruit and veg, filling PJ bottoms with round items, and re-writing happy birthday.

None of us are sure why this lead to some Irish dancing in a bowl of rice. We were regaled with a beautiful ode to sausage dogs, an ingenious anagram and the most random set of items shoved into PJs you can ever imagine. After all, what other games do you play when you have a bag of peas and Dobble in your trousers?

For the fruit and veg round I think we were all educated in the exotics you can find in the corners of the supermarket but the leading question was, how do you spell kumquat?

Dubious Taskmaster scoring

After a night of dubious scoring by the NickMaster, the final score of 30589.5 points to 30590.5 led to the ‘Where’s Andrew Gone?’ team – or WAGs – winning against the Windies in a last-minute scoop.

And we never did get to the bottom of the question of the night… where HAS Andrew gone?

By Nicola on clarinet

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