Band memories… like the corners of our minds

As lockdown continues and there is still nothing in our diaries, we thought it would be fun to spend an evening reminiscing about band memories… in the form of an online quiz!

So, band members were asked to send in written memories, pictures and video clips… and we played ‘Guess Whose Memory’ via PowerPoint on Zoom. Not only were we endeavouring to work out who had triggered each memory, we were also trying to work out the event and the year. This was tricky especially as some of the memories dated back to 2003!

National Concert Band Festival finals in 2011

The band attended the National Concert Band Festival National Finals in April 2011 and Andrew euphonium (former chairperson) and Sue clarinet (current chairperson) sent in their memories about organising the weekend to Glasgow.

We reminisced about our flight and the transportation of our instruments (poor Sue had to move them single-handedly through hotel corridors on a trolley that would not fit into the lift!)! We also remembered our meal out (with the largest naan breads ever) and a fun tour of Glasgow.

25th anniversary at Winton Life Centre

We looked back fondly at our 25th anniversary concert in 2015 at The Winton Life Centre. This memory was triggered by Tracey saxophone (former chairperson) and we saw photos of the clarinets and saxophones looking very glamourous.

A video clip of our Christmas concert at Highcliffe Castle in 2018, sent in by Ruth oboe, made us all yearn to play there again. We also played a concert at Highcliffe Castle in December 2019.

Bandstand concerts

Our memories were tested again by Tracey when we saw photos of the band performing at Pine Walk bandstand in 2011 and at Swanage bandstand in 2005 and 2003. Some of us were there in 2003 and we challenged our grey cells trying to recognise former band members.

We chuckled at Karen timpani’s memory of her hitting the timpani so hard that the head of the timpani stick flew off and landed somewhere behind her.

We played our summer concerts in a heatwave at Bournemouth Bandstand and our 2019 bandstand concert was a scorcher, too!

Social get-togethers and 2018 Wales tour

Social events featured too. This included the summer barbecue with the giant Jenga where Kerry piccolo is standing on a chair, being supported by Tracey, to place the next Jenga piece high above her head.

We laughed at our Wales tour activities of the ‘Flowrider’ indoor surfing, the Airtrail obstacle course and white-water rafting. All whilst others went on a tour of Cardiff castle or explored the city. Read all about our Wales tour adventures.

Emma flute sent in her video link of our raucous singing on the coach after the evening concert. Heather flute was keen to remind everyone of Sue falling into the jacuzzi in the hotel swimming pool. And, of course, the band mascots (gorilla feet) were fondly remembered too for providing a comfortable ride on the coach!

So, lots of wonderful memories and we look forward, hopefully soon, to being able to make many more years of band memories.

By Nick on clarinet aka Bandmaster and lockdown Quiz Master